Norman Amateur Softball Foundation is the area's largest organizer of adult softball leagues. NASF host several regional, state and national adult/youth tournaments and various company outings, and events that offer additional opportunities to advertise to our community. We have over 20,000 participants annually, with over 70% of them in the 21-40 age range; mostly educated, active, outgoing professionals. Our members and participants represent a desirable target market and a great advertising opportunity.






Website advertising rates:

Website Advertising:

NASF website ( is becoming extremely popular.

Visitors use the site to register for leagues, check out new events, view

Small Button Ad

120 x 30 pixels,

Max 10K

Cost: $75/month

(5% off for 6 mos.

10% off for 12 mos)

standings and schedules, and much more. Our website averages over


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1200 new hits per month and the 2010 softball season looks to be no

exception! It is the #1 way to get NASF info and, in turn, reach your

desired audience. A link to your website will be included with all button 

and banner ads.



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Button Ads:

Large Button Ad

120 x 90 pixels

Max 20K

Cost: $150/month

(5% off for 6 mos.

10% off for 12 mos.)

These ads are a great, high profile way to get your company or  

products recognized. They will appear on the side

of every page on the NASF website.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads will run across the bottom of every page  viewed by visitors

 to the NASF site. They are a perfect way to  get a lot of information out to a sizable audience.



Top Rotating Banner Ad

Top Rotating Banner Ad: (page top)    

Placed at the top of the main webpage your ad rotates

Through with others, to be shown 1/4 of the time 468 x 60 pixels,

max 40K  Cost: $200/month  (5% off for  6 mos, 10% off for 12 mos)

Each log-in shows another banner ad.



Banner Ad: (page bottom)


Bottom Page Banner Ad

Placed at the bottom of every page                                                   

468 x 60 pixels, max 40K

Cost: $175/month

(5% off for 6 mos, 10% off for 12 mos)


Submitting Your Ad


Prospective ads should be mailed to for review, along with the URL of the page to which the ad should direct the user (if desired).1


Ads should be in JPG format & meet the size specifications for that particular type of ad.


NASF can help you create your banner! This service is available for $50 per hour (2-hour minimum). Normally an ad can be created in 2-3 hours.




NASF reserves the right to refuse any ad &/or advertiser.


Ads will not be placed on the site until payment is received in full.


Payment should be submitted to: (paypal invoice with surcharge available upon request)

Norman Amateur Softball Foundation,

3334 W. Main PMB 423,

Norman, OK  73072.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact:

Jamie Schmidt
Web Page Administrator
Phone: (405) 620-6977